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“The Afro Experiment”

I came across this one of a kind E.P (THE AFRO EXPERIMENT) by Kenyan artist Karama not so far back, and it was the first project that actually made me think of doing reviews. I’ve finally gotten to finishing up on its review and it is with great pleasure that I can now share…

  1. Time ft.Nuru

As you bump your head to the intro you’re soon introduced to the soothing sounds of Nuru that set the pace for the beautiful melodies that form the track. The thought provoking spoken word here is also quite insightful.

  1. Tutamlea

I absolutely love the clarinet on this one. It has a jazzy feeling and it is a track that can be best enjoyed by the beach. I can picture a group of people jamming to this; quite groovy.

  1. Mzinyi

The African tribal vibes are an instant hit- it is dancing time for sure. We are introduced to an eventful journey across the great lands and the best thing is to sit back and enjoy the ride. It ends too suddenly though.

  1. S.A.I.N.T.S

We’re travelling on this one. We’re taken to a magical island with the psychedelic tunes on play but I would surely have loved to hear vocals here.

  1. Enchatica

 I really love the intro. This is personally my best track on the E.P. The quality showcased here is just world-class. The ending is also as good. You’ll have to take a listen to know whether you’ll agree with me. Enchatica (Original Mix)



The Afro Experiment is telling enough of the amazing talent that’s right here in Kenya. It shows the promise that Art holds for the future of the country if only we can put more resources into it.

Karama did an outstanding job on this one with the amazing arrangement, highly engaging fusion of sounds and wonderful collaborations. The incorporation of African sounds in the project is a great plus as it adds to the authenticity. We surely need more of this. This experiment was a huge success… You can find Karama on SoundCloud to enjoy more of his sounds.



The entertainment scene here in Kenya has been highly active in the past few months and on Saturday the 17th of September; Kenya Nights will be taking it a notch higher by bringing in Wankelmut for a performance at The Alchemist Bar in Westlands. 


Kenya nights is a true pioneer of the nightlife scene in Kenya and we can only expect the best from the team. This will be a night for music lovers who love an intimate affair and would like to enjoy nothing but quality music.


Wankelmut, whose real name is Jacob Dilßner is a German electronic music DJ and Producer based in Berlin. He chose the name Wankelmut, a German term for “fickleness” describing his music as “fickle music, diverse and multi-faceted”. He rose to fame for his remix of Asaf Avidan & The Mojos song “Reckoning Song” in 2011. The remix was placed number one of Single Charts in eight European countries. It was the most downloaded track of Beatport in 2012 and an Airplay Hit all over Europe. At the end of 2012, the famous Electronic Music Magazine “GROOVE” distinguished him as the ‘NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR’. His other successful works include “My Head Is A Jungle” ft Emma Louise and “Wasted So Much Time” ft John LaMonica.

Wankelmut has already said that he’s looking forward to come back to Kenya and we are waiting with bated breath for his maiden performance here. We cannot expect anything less from the local lineup as well and this will surely make it a night for the books. Get ready to Get Physical !!!

Get more info. on the event and tickets here

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‘CONTRAILS’ by Q-Wreck

Today we shall delve into a mix that was recently put up by a Kenyan house DJ known as Q-Wreck. Going by its title, the deep house mix offers quite an array of soothing sounds that leave a trail of ultimate relaxation.  CONTRAILS 

Things are set in motion in just the right way with the opening track raising the curiosity of where it all leads to. The play button is on and we hit the runway slowly but surely; and once we take off, you find your hands already in the air as you enter Q-Wreck’s world…

As time goes by you become immersed into the beautiful sounds and you are taken into your own magical world. Memories and thoughts start streaming in and that’s how you know you’re in the inner circle…

Halfway through the mix the momentum is still maintained and the DJ really keeps up with the amazing tracks he hits us with. There is no turning back now and we have to sit in for the last half hour to hear what more is in store for us. The buildup is amazing and it signifies the importance of that particular time in the mix. We continue getting lost…

As we prepare for landing we remember that we’re still on earth and we enjoy it while it lasts. We jam in those last minutes and at the end of the one hour exploration that is ‘CONTRAILS’, we are satisfied and grateful.



Q-Wreck did some great work on this mix and he deserves his due credit. His selection of tracks was perfect and the transition from one track to the next was quite fluid. He surely is a true reflection of the amazing talent that we have right here in Kenya and we can only wait to see what more he has to offer. Follow Q-Wreck here to listen to more of his mixes.

The Journey, The Stories

I Am (As Good as I am Bad)

I am who they say I am. I am all that they say. I am, and I cannot hate myself for who I am. I love myself. I have to love myself…

They raise all sorts of definitions and whether right or wrong, they still refer to me; I am as good as I am bad and so all of it might just be right…

The mind games provide the insight and they prove themselves as worthy individuals. The thoughts get in a run in of some sorts and in the end they lead to the light…

They help him see his greatness and in turn he realizes their greatness as well – because of their guidance and direction. The challenges they put up made him smile…

It is all true: whatever is on your mind, what you have heard, what you’ve been told, what you have seen and what you’re going to see and hear. I am…




Fresh off the heels from Africanized 2016, 6:AM Entertainment are at it once again – this time round on the 20th of August with the event KIKOY CULTURE 2016 featuring the sensational DJ Euphonik (Themba Mbongeni Nkosi) from South Africa. The Carnivore Simba Saloon has been selected as the venue for this great annual event and will for sure complement it with its African feel. For those that missed the S.A vibes during Africanized, this will be the perfect chance for them to redeem themselves.


The South African DJ, music producer, radio presenter and entrepreneur started deejaying in his late teens and has not looked back since then; rising on to share the stage with the likes of Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex, Hardwell, Richie Hawtin among other great acts. His amazing work ethic earned him a spot in The Mail & Guardians Top 300 young South Africans. He is arguably one of South Africa’s most sought after DJs and you can be rest assured of some tantalizing house tunes from the master himself that will surely keep you active on the dance floor. Be ready for some organized dancing occasioned with graceful and elegant moving of the body as the beats take you in and are guaranteed to bring healing to the body, mind and soul.

With the local line-up looking as impressive and two stages to go with it, this will definitely be a night packed with glorious entertainment. So be sure to get out on your kikoys and represent the culture!

Get more info. on the event and tickets here

The Journey, The Stories

He Was…

He was there among them and they got to see him. He was one of them but something about him struck them. He stood out and this was brought about by his difference. They saw how he acted and it either excited or disturbed them. His actions were the trigger. He was the trigger…

They tried to lead him in a certain way and at times he tried to follow but at other times even with the will there, it just didn’t happen. When he followed them he failed miserably on their part but it is by doing so that he saw he actually didn’t need to. He was best himself…

They will keep talking and thinking about him but it is their duty. As you can see, these are the results and they truly are; magnificent. He is aware that good and bad things will happen but that there’s always a silver lining. It will be said that he is this and that but when he leaves, many will be left wondering who he was…

He is interested in himself and that is why he cannot blame them for their interest in him as well – He is quite the case study. He is, and one day he will become he was to later become he…

The Journey, The Stories

The Fire is On

He began to feel the heat and judging from previous experiences he knew what it was. He could hear its whispers as it called out his name. It became louder by the minute and he became drawn in eventually…

There had been signs along the way and the thrill that he was now feeling confirmed his destination. Others around him felt the heat as well and they gave their valid inputs. He starts looking at the possible happenings but he knows he can’t really figure it out, and the excitement builds up from there…

A series of recent events are played back in his mind and they inform the revelations. He calls out his name and it invokes a certain sense of pride. He is surely getting where he needs to be and that is why he keeps looking over his shoulder…

He tries to remain calm as it burns and the reactions that come with it create beautiful results. He knows he needs to feel the heat to grow and it becomes a manifestation of his actions. His mind is always disturbed for many are those that wish to put the fire out. They however provide invaluable knowledge in the process for this fire still manages to survive the extinguishing attempts. The fire makes him feel alive and it brings a whole different person into the picture. It is there to bring light into the world and we should all pray that it keeps burning…