The excitement that’s already flying around is highly influenced by what promises to be the biggest music event in Nairobi this year. With only a few days left to Earthdance Nairobi, we are all eagerly waiting with anticipation for the event that will go down on the 1st of October at the Ngong Racecourse.


This year’s event will be brought to you courtesy of Earthdance Nairobi, 6:AM Entertainment and Epic Nation. With over 60 DJs expected to entertain ravers across 15 hours, we’ve got to hand it to the organizers for putting in some serious work. The full lineup is already out and it is definitely rich with homegrown talent as it features the likes of Beng Beng, Barney Barrow, Jack Rooster, Blinky Bill, Creme De La Crème among other great acts.


Earthdance describes itself as a world of communities, working and playing together to create a culture of peace, through music and dance events, synchronized global link-ups and social activities. It has grown to become one of the largest globally synchronized music and dance events, having been held in over 1000 locations and in 80 countries. This year marks its 20th Anniversary and the theme is “Global Shift” which advocates for building a peaceful and sustainable world. Earthdance Nairobi will itself be celebrating 7 years of the festival and surely there will be a need to celebrate.

All the madness will be contained on 4 stages which pay testament to the four worldly elements: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. The Earth stage will host 6:AM Entertainment’s top talent in Electronic Dance Music. The Fire stage will have Epic Nation’s finest Urban and Hip Hop acts. The Water stage will represent the Underground Electronic Music scene while the Wind stage will feature Alternative and Tripped out DJs. There was even a DJ competition going on and the results are expected on Monday 26th September with the winner getting a chance to play at either the Earth or Wind stage. This is a great plus from the team as it provides great opportunities for upcoming talent; and it needs to be happening more often.

B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bottle) seems to have been a huge success at last year’s event and it is back once again this year and this is expected to be a great crowd puller. Ngong Racecourse with its expansive fields is just the perfect venue as it can hold quite a large crowd. Earthdance Nairobi 2016 is set to be the Event of The Year and you really can’t afford to miss out on the fun. As with all Earthdance events, 50% of event profits will go to charity and you will get to party for a worthy cause.

 So let’s all meet and unite this Saturday and Give The Earth A Dance! Get more info. on the event and tickets here



The entertainment scene here in Kenya has been highly active in the past few months and on Saturday the 17th of September; Kenya Nights will be taking it a notch higher by bringing in Wankelmut for a performance at The Alchemist Bar in Westlands. 


Kenya nights is a true pioneer of the nightlife scene in Kenya and we can only expect the best from the team. This will be a night for music lovers who love an intimate affair and would like to enjoy nothing but quality music.


Wankelmut, whose real name is Jacob Dilßner is a German electronic music DJ and Producer based in Berlin. He chose the name Wankelmut, a German term for “fickleness” describing his music as “fickle music, diverse and multi-faceted”. He rose to fame for his remix of Asaf Avidan & The Mojos song “Reckoning Song” in 2011. The remix was placed number one of Single Charts in eight European countries. It was the most downloaded track of Beatport in 2012 and an Airplay Hit all over Europe. At the end of 2012, the famous Electronic Music Magazine “GROOVE” distinguished him as the ‘NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR’. His other successful works include “My Head Is A Jungle” ft Emma Louise and “Wasted So Much Time” ft John LaMonica.

Wankelmut has already said that he’s looking forward to come back to Kenya and we are waiting with bated breath for his maiden performance here. We cannot expect anything less from the local lineup as well and this will surely make it a night for the books. Get ready to Get Physical !!!

Get more info. on the event and tickets here



Fresh off the heels from Africanized 2016, 6:AM Entertainment are at it once again – this time round on the 20th of August with the event KIKOY CULTURE 2016 featuring the sensational DJ Euphonik (Themba Mbongeni Nkosi) from South Africa. The Carnivore Simba Saloon has been selected as the venue for this great annual event and will for sure complement it with its African feel. For those that missed the S.A vibes during Africanized, this will be the perfect chance for them to redeem themselves.


The South African DJ, music producer, radio presenter and entrepreneur started deejaying in his late teens and has not looked back since then; rising on to share the stage with the likes of Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex, Hardwell, Richie Hawtin among other great acts. His amazing work ethic earned him a spot in The Mail & Guardians Top 300 young South Africans. He is arguably one of South Africa’s most sought after DJs and you can be rest assured of some tantalizing house tunes from the master himself that will surely keep you active on the dance floor. Be ready for some organized dancing occasioned with graceful and elegant moving of the body as the beats take you in and are guaranteed to bring healing to the body, mind and soul.

With the local line-up looking as impressive and two stages to go with it, this will definitely be a night packed with glorious entertainment. So be sure to get out on your kikoys and represent the culture!

Get more info. on the event and tickets here


Africanized 2016 with DJ Shimza

In just about two weeks Ashley Raphala, better known as DJ Shimza will be performing for the very first time here in Kenya. The event dubbed ‘Africanized 2016’ will be going down on the 9th of July at The Mall Rooftop in Westlands. 


Packed with a wonderful cast of organizers that include 6:AM Entertainment, Epic Nation, Sirocco Entertainment and Mwanaume Ni Effort, this one promises to deliver quality entertainment for ravers. The madness will be contained in 2 stages i.e. Africanized Stage for the house music lovers and The Jiji Stage for urban music lovers. The line up in each of these stages consists of amazing talent and we can only wait to see which stage takes the crown as the most epic.

The main act DJ Shimza – a house music producer, radio mix DJ, Channel O mix effect master and Director of SHIMUZIC  Productions has proven to be a world class artist with his highly infectious Afro style tracks. Going by the number of competitions he’s managed to win, most notably being the Gauteng Carnival DJ Competition in 2011, he is one of the most sought after names in S.A House music today. We surely cannot wait to be graced by his outstanding talent.

So for those of you who have missed a great dance and would like to get down and beat that cold weather while at it, this will be where you need to be. Let’s get Africanized!

Get more info on the event and tickets here


NORA EN PURE to perform in Diani, Kenya on N.Y.E


South African born Daniela Niederer better known as Nora En Pure will be the headliner for this year’s 6:AM event ‘BEACHLIFE NYE 2016’ going down at Hotel Sonrisa in Diani, Kenya.

The Swiss based dj/producer will descend on Kenyan soil at the end of the year for what promises to be an amazing performance for Indie dance and Deep house music lovers. Known for her love of nature and the use of organic elements like water flowing which she incorporates in her music, the venue of the event will definitely complement her musical style as it offers relaxing sounds of palms and the Indian Ocean together with beautiful views of the ocean’s sparkling turquoise waters.


Poolside at Hotel Sonrisa

Nora En Pure’s outstanding talent has gained her a loyal following from across the globe. Her remix for Daniel Portman’s Kwaheri in 2010 launched her career as a producer. In 2013 she released the highly successful ‘Come With Me’ which went on to spend 7 months in the Beatport Top 100 and is one of the most sold tracks in Beatport. The track ‘Higher in The Sun’ is my personal favorite as it arouses thoughts of culture and heritage bringing Africa into focus. I can say without a doubt in my mind that the track will feature in her set.
Those of you that attend the event will be in for a treat to infectious, melodic and uplifting sounds that will keep you on your feet, dancing all through Nora’s musical journey. This is not to mention the local talent that will be on hand to deliver as well. This will be the perfect setting to say goodbye to 2015 and welcome, to 2016. Karibu Kenya Nora En Pure.
Get more info. on the event & tickets here


Organizer’s Part 2

I suggest that you first go back to organizers part 1 and refresh your memory so that you can continue with the flow.
…I hope you guys know that Kenya is beautiful and has amazing landscape which can offer great venues for our events/festivals. Don’t stick to the same venues. Let us explore our magnificent country.
Try and have Dj lineups that have variety i.e it should be a reflection of the dance music genre. Everybody should be able to have fun through listening to their favorite type of music. Make us Dance!
Be able to involve your attendees in the event. Let them feel that it is their event hence resulting in more fun and satisfaction which then ends up in an urge to attend more events/festivals. Let’s see those happy faces 🙂
My track of the day goes out to all the beautiful ladies out there. I love you.
I know the feeling… 😉
When it comes to ticket pricing, I would think it is better to price tickets whilst giving attention to the prevailing economic situation. Don’t lock out some real fans due to high prices. All of us music lovers need to be together to create a powerful force that is unstoppable as with God by our side we will unlock all possibilities.
So as I wrap up, continue doing your thing; entertain us and give us memories to treasure. You have chosen that path so you have to be very good at it. Let us experience your Imagination.


Organizer’s Part 1

Hi friends! How are you doing? Hope you’re enjoying life. So Congorock and Felix Cartal were in town this past weekend thanks to 6:AM Entertainment but i missed the event they were performing at though i was told it was an amazing one.This is definitely good for the scene in Kenya. Going by this, today i’m going to talk to Event/Festival organizers in Kenya.

I’ll start with the aspect of security. You should really ensure that this is guaranteed. I think that when there is an event/festival at Ngong Racecourse for example, no one should be allowed past the main entrance without a ticket. Gate tickets should be sold at this point. Only ticket holders should be in and around the event/festival area. Let us avoid idlers.

Not every attendee arrives at your event with their personal car; some come by taxis or other means. So how do they protect their property? You should at least provide lockers to cater for this. Everyone should feel that they’re catered for.

Let us bring more fun and games to the events/festivals. You should make sure everyone at your event has a smile on their face. Let them have the time of their lives and be sure that they will return next time.

Time for my track of the day #TropicalHouse and it also goes out to a special someone out there #MM 😉

...I’ve always loved a good aftermovie. Make some amazing ones that enable your attendees relive the experience and also you’ll get to promote your event/festival.

I’d say  you’re on the right track as you have achieved what is important i.e Starting. So keep on going and make sure you unlock every possibility. I warn you though, don’t relax for you don’t know what might be happening in the background.

Take us on an adventure that is magical, enlightening, fulfilling and unifying. Let us make Kenya dance. God bless your work. God bless Kenya.