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The Whispers Around


It’s already a new year and I know it has been a while since I posted anything here but I’ve been around and the small break I’ve had (it actually seems much longer to me) provided me with the opportunity to take a back seat and look at things differently. I’ve been able to learn quite a lot in the process and I’m making a few adjustments here and there which I believe will make me a better person and a better writer while at it. We are always on the learning curve so let’s see how it goes…

The Whispers Around

I always saw them around and they saw me as well. We always had questions about each other but being Me; they had to try and find answers. They thus threw in their suggestions and I guess my way of life irked them, or something of the sort. That feeling of anger tried to force its way through me but somehow I was still calm.

I was already trending around town and their whispers are actually right, though not today: They’re still playing catch up. I’m already smiling as I write this and I’m on my way to laughter. They’re coming from a negative place but here I am heading to the positive…

I think of where I want to be and it seems I’m already living the dream but it’s just on a different scale. I‘m eliciting reactions and that is enough proof of my existence. Through their whispers they try to bring me down but instead they help me get closer to my destiny (and it was at this point that he realized it is not about one’s will…)

All hail to their whispers; they’ve brought me back to the paper…