Mix Review, Music

‘CONTRAILS’ by Q-Wreck

Today we shall delve into a mix that was recently put up by a Kenyan house DJ known as Q-Wreck. Going by its title, the deep house mix offers quite an array of soothing sounds that leave a trail of ultimate relaxation.  CONTRAILS 

Things are set in motion in just the right way with the opening track raising the curiosity of where it all leads to. The play button is on and we hit the runway slowly but surely; and once we take off, you find your hands already in the air as you enter Q-Wreck’s world…

As time goes by you become immersed into the beautiful sounds and you are taken into your own magical world. Memories and thoughts start streaming in and that’s how you know you’re in the inner circle…

Halfway through the mix the momentum is still maintained and the DJ really keeps up with the amazing tracks he hits us with. There is no turning back now and we have to sit in for the last half hour to hear what more is in store for us. The buildup is amazing and it signifies the importance of that particular time in the mix. We continue getting lost…

As we prepare for landing we remember that we’re still on earth and we enjoy it while it lasts. We jam in those last minutes and at the end of the one hour exploration that is ‘CONTRAILS’, we are satisfied and grateful.



Q-Wreck did some great work on this mix and he deserves his due credit. His selection of tracks was perfect and the transition from one track to the next was quite fluid. He surely is a true reflection of the amazing talent that we have right here in Kenya and we can only wait to see what more he has to offer. Follow Q-Wreck here to listen to more of his mixes.


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