The Journey, The Stories

I Am (As Good as I am Bad)

I am who they say I am. I am all that they say. I am, and I cannot hate myself for who I am. I love myself. I have to love myself…

They raise all sorts of definitions and whether right or wrong, they still refer to me; I am as good as I am bad and so all of it might just be right…

The mind games provide the insight and they prove themselves as worthy individuals. The thoughts get in a run in of some sorts and in the end they lead to the light…

They help him see his greatness and in turn he realizes their greatness as well – because of their guidance and direction. The challenges they put up made him smile…

It is all true: whatever is on your mind, what you have heard, what you’ve been told, what you have seen and what you’re going to see and hear. I am…



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