The Journey, The Stories

He Was…

He was there among them and they got to see him. He was one of them but something about him struck them. He stood out and this was brought about by his difference. They saw how he acted and it either excited or disturbed them. His actions were the trigger. He was the trigger…

They tried to lead him in a certain way and at times he tried to follow but at other times even with the will there, it just didn’t happen. When he followed them he failed miserably on their part but it is by doing so that he saw he actually didn’t need to. He was best himself…

They will keep talking and thinking about him but it is their duty. As you can see, these are the results and they truly are; magnificent. He is aware that good and bad things will happen but that there’s always a silver lining. It will be said that he is this and that but when he leaves, many will be left wondering who he was…

He is interested in himself and that is why he cannot blame them for their interest in him as well – He is quite the case study. He is, and one day he will become he was to later become he…


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