The Journey, The Stories

The Fire is On

He began to feel the heat and judging from previous experiences he knew what it was. He could hear its whispers as it called out his name. It became louder by the minute and he became drawn in eventually…

There had been signs along the way and the thrill that he was now feeling confirmed his destination. Others around him felt the heat as well and they gave their valid inputs. He starts looking at the possible happenings but he knows he can’t really figure it out, and the excitement builds up from there…

A series of recent events are played back in his mind and they inform the revelations. He calls out his name and it invokes a certain sense of pride. He is surely getting where he needs to be and that is why he keeps looking over his shoulder…

He tries to remain calm as it burns and the reactions that come with it create beautiful results. He knows he needs to feel the heat to grow and it becomes a manifestation of his actions. His mind is always disturbed for many are those that wish to put the fire out. They however provide invaluable knowledge in the process for this fire still manages to survive the extinguishing attempts. The fire makes him feel alive and it brings a whole different person into the picture. It is there to bring light into the world and we should all pray that it keeps burning…


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