The Stories

Keep in Mind

They were really disturbing him now and he had to ask for help. Help did come and it came in the right way, unexpectedly. The rush was exciting and it propelled him to greater heights. His actions raised all sorts of reactions and at times these reactions distracted him for he followed along the path of expectation. There was real danger of getting lost but he knew himself…

The realization came and once again he saw the confusing nature of his actions. There was a real difference between his actions and thoughts (Someone else must be having fun). He kept in mind that he had to always expect the unexpected and this proved to be quite the adrenaline pump whenever those moments arose…

There were questions that were raised in his mind;                                           

  • What is to become of their interpretation?
  • Where does it leave them?
  • How does it affect his interactions with them?  

They reacted based on what they perceived it to be and they are their true reflections. He actually did lead them there. And once again they proved to be of great help to him – He has figured out that he cannot relent no matter what and the only way to make sure of it is to always remember…                                                                                                                                       


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