The Stories

The Light in Everything

Wings were being flapped and the journey was beginning to take shape. The smiles were recognized for he knew as well. The destination became clearer and he had to go for it. He had to identify with himself as his realignment edged closer…

Liberation was the feeling and the feeling was great. He was at a different place. All those things that were said became and he saw the power of pronouncement. It was all happening right before his very eyes. It was another step in the long walk to freedom…

There were many like him and others couldn’t help but wonder. They looked at them and all sorts of conclusions came up. They actually didn’t know what to say but they went ahead and said something. A lot of what was said was headed in the direction of shame and discredit but in ignorance laid the true well of their speech. They just couldn’t tell the difference…

He heeded the calls and he was where he needed to be. The different pronouncements made by them provided a basis for reflection and in turn turned out to contain revelations. He was not like anyone else: how could he be sad of that? He learnt to see the light in everything…

We are all unique and we are together to bring out our different experiences which add on to make up what we call life. This is in pursuit of a fulfilling life experience. We all need to embrace our differences but regardless of whatever route we take we will still have made a difference…

After Thoughts

Failure lies in delivering the expected


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