The Stories

As They Come…

They’ve launched their attacks and they’ve come at me with what I already had in mind. They give me the pleasure of being right – how cheap they are. They’re trying to attack me with what I’m doing but I know what I’m doing. The truth hurts is for those who don’t accept it…

They make my days for sure as they provide me with the ingredients for creation. I have to love them. I wait eagerly to see how they react as I keep going. They prove their cowardice in the way they act. If only they would come directly…

They tell themselves that they do it for our own good but deep down they know very well that they are out to get something off of it. The term jealousy is not far off. Not bad my friends, not bad at all. They serve a purpose as well and I will remain forever grateful for their contribution…

I see them and I patiently wait to see who among them makes a move. Once an attack happens I proceed to make a link which then informs my reactions and actions. They keep growing in number and I thus try to stay ready as they come…


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