The Stories

Where is Home?

He had thoughts of this place where he would be at ease. He would occasionally find himself in these places but it never really quite happened. This knocked him out once in a while and it cast a deep shadow over who he was. There was light at the end of the tunnel though as he knew quite a lot about himself and maybe he did like the difference; he actually did. His life is something else…

His problem was brought about by how it affected the others. Their reactions really pushed him and maybe he was overreacting but then again, he is who he is. The mixed feelings make all the difference. He hopes they can be patient enough to understand what is happening but he cannot blame them if they don’t. They will unfortunately be the ones that came and went…

He found himself with them but in as much as he tried his best he always managed to get lost. He would disappear and go far away leaving them behind. There would be pointers that sought to bring him back but somehow many were the times they went past him. It surely was difficult to deal with him and that is why he can only recognize those that get over the hurdle…

He is happy most of the times when he’s alone but at times he wishes there were others around him. He also enjoys himself when he’s with others but at times he wishes he was back alone. These are the intrigues that surround him and he is forced to ask himself where he belongs. Where is home?


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