The Stories

Take Me Away

He’s been to all these places and he’s experienced the difference. He remains in one place though – under one roof. The different places have all kinds of experiences. This is brought about by the different people there and their varying actions, the different sights and scenes, the different sounds of the day and night, the different vibes and moods…He surely does prefer certain places to others but he still finds himself in these other places and he knows they help him too…

At that particular moment in time he was at one of his favorite spots. This liking was influenced by the soothing sounds, the fresh air, the crystal clear and wider view; the bigger picture. He loved every moment of it. His flow of thought was quite fluid. Woe unto you…

There was the world out there, where he was, and that is where there was a problem. He saw the power of the enemy whose influence was great and he had managed to get a huge following. His followers spread the evil – how unlike themselves they were becoming. They turned on themselves and as always divide and conquer was the way…

That was a place he always tried to keep distance from. He did not want to become them for he knew he would do it so profoundly. The wrath that would be unleashed would have a devastating effect. As such the challenge remained keeping away. Take him away. Take me away from here…


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