The Stories

The Distance

He pushed it much further by continuing to become himself. He was surely distant and that entailed being alone most of the time. If it were not him things might have been different – how easy it is to fall. He moves on as problems lurk at the distance…

The distance provides privilege for him. He stands to be counted. He is among the few and he cannot afford to be overwhelmed by it. The learning process is quite trying but the knowledge that comes from it is comforting. He embraces the distance keeping in mind that the consequences will always be there either way. He’s made his choice…

He takes a look from the other side and he sees the others. They see him as well and they look intently at him with a lot of questions on their minds. He too can have his own questions from time to time. Unlike poles do attract and as such the vibes brought about by the distance become interesting to him…

He acknowledges their presence as they help him realize where he is. He is where he belongs and the potential is what scares us all. It still is the motivation and he thus forges ahead. He does his best and he’s doing well. He has kept his distance…


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