The Stories

Black and White

He was around and the focus was on him. He’s causing quite a stir and the topic is interesting. He sees their interest in him and it excites him. He still manages to keep the distance though. He desires love but there he is running away from it. It was all in black and white for him…

He came across beautiful birds that made him feel alive. (You should see him when he’s around them) He loved their company but then again seemed to love his company much better. He was aware of this and it surely disturbed him as it was the catalyst for this. These were the intricacies of his black and white…

He couldn’t understand why it was always only him. He felt lonely I guess but he still managed to survive and put a smile on his face. He moves along with the love scenes. He tries his best and whatever is picked up carries the day. He knows of the confusing nature of his actions and as such they provide invaluable entertainment for him. These same actions might be the stumbling block but what does he do? You would be forgiven to think that he does not know what he wants…

He really can’t help it. It is what is happening. It is beyond him. He sees what he does but what else can he do? He is a mere spectator. He finds himself alone again and maybe he prefers it like that or maybe not but it is where he is…

He continues with his actions which hold vital information retrievable only if you take a closer look. He has to keep moving. There is nothing else to do. He can only hope that they rise above the black and white…

After Thoughts

There’s always one thing and the other

There are two sides to the same coin


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