The Stories

Out of Place

They were right there with them. They interacted with them though at a questionable level. They were not able to hide the fact that maybe they were not feeling the vibe. The patience required comes with being humble but they were without a doubt out of place…

We let them have their will for the better part of the time. It is quite humbling to say the least. We do need to experience the other side as well. We cannot afford to be ignorant. As they say – no pain, no gain.  It is the sacrifice we have to make…

There are those that decide to, or just stay put. They painfully endure the experience but the fruits are reaped thereafter. There are also others who cannot afford to stay a minute longer. We do understand them as well. Sometimes it is better to walk away to avoid the judging…

Their attention is turned towards them. They cannot help but notice the difference. They seek to know more but that is quite a challenging feat. They thus remain puzzled about them. They are the ones. They can easily be counted. They are who they are; simply themselves and that is why they seem out of place…

After Thoughts

Do take it upon yourself; you’re responsible for everything.

It’s lonely at the top.


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