The Stories

This Boy

They feel his presence and they all want him. This really pushes him to think about himself. What is it that they see in him? Is he all that? He knew he was great but I guess their attention was becoming quite something to him. They were all saying what was in his mind, but why was it disturbing him?

The boy hanged around them and he got to act in one way or the other. He remained noticed either way and that was the reason for all of these. He enjoyed it though coupled with a number of other feelings as well. He saw the potential results of that attention and he had to be on the alert…

They see what is already there; what he can be and that is why they react as they do. He notes that he is responsible for their reactions but at the same time he is afraid of the different directions they can lead him to. I do understand this boy…

That is the life that he desires; it is who he is. The energy that comes from it shakes him up a little bit but it works well on him. It comes as a reminder to him – of who he is. You live it to survive it…


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