The Stories

The Vibes that Attract 3

The weight on my shoulder was getting heavier. Her effects were penetrating much deeper and she’s surely got to me. I’m still here though, fighting to remain who I am but she is quite the worthy opponent…

Things were getting really interesting between us, and interesting is quite the word for me. The forces are quite powerful and they generate strong feelings which in turn give birth to some thoughts. They can take a toll on me but the comfort as always lies in the mining…

These intriguing events force me to really push my thoughts. Pride is right there besides me. I have to stay aware to avoid getting lost. She continues to create openings and it seems so easy for me. If only she would focus on what is already before her; she would be knowing and who knows where she would be…

I continue noting it down, giving it all out. Questions are raised but the answers are already there. It’s all here but somehow I still have the head start. The forces of attraction are at play and fortunately or unfortunately by the time she sees this, I’ll be somewhere else…

The others are now seeing more and more signs and they give their input as well. It is becoming quite evident and she’s not afraid to make it known. She’s really motivating and I love when she’s around. Intentions do exist and she’s made the request. I also want the same thing and I can hear the drum rolls at a distance…


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