The Stories

Versions of The Boy

The boy was still around. He continued to perform various acts which went on to have varying effects. There was a way he wanted them to be interpreted and then there was also the way they were interpreted by others. At times their interpretations persistently disturbed him and he questioned his actions as well. These interpretations led to the different versions of the boy…

He did this and that and it was interpreted as these and those. There were a lot of interpretations and he had to ask himself a lot of questions to be able to get to the bottom of the matter. The boy was able to see what he did and what was picked up. All of those interpretations were as a result of his actions. They were his true actions and nothing was further from the truth…

Their interpretations are a signal. They point to the different directions he can take; the possible outcomes. They help to create the versions of the boy…

It is up to you to choose your direction. Be aware of your actions and take responsibility for their effects. You cannot help it if they think differently from you…


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