The Stories

The Vibes that Attract 1

I had to go in for my own sake. There were too many feelings involved and that was enough bait. The transformation began and we were inside. It was just a way of trying to maintain a level of sanity. The creation process is on and its life starts to take shape…

She was the brighter star and she did shine. She was recognized and she was now the point of focus; the center of attraction. My mind was racing and I was already quite far. What is in store for us? Looking at the past, I had never disappointed and this time round I went taking notes. She made it already…

It was right after that first glance. There was something – and it said her. That first glance tells it all for sure. And so it happened or it was to happen and I was loving every moment of it. We just jumped onto it and continued. I just couldn’t keep away; or we…

The intros were now on and the happenings were alright; the first interactions. There was something there and we knew it. The eye contacts became an interesting mode of communication and as such my notebook stayed close. I try to learn as much as I can from the experience. She better take care because I’m engaged and I’m always at it…

The vibes are very enticing I have to say. I’m already at the far end and the possibility is the cause of everything. I also don’t know what I’m doing which makes it interesting for me as well. The interactions keep on a steady projection and revelations trickle in. The outside forces start to play a key role and their creations are on as well. I think I see where this is headed…


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