The Stories

Whatever is On Your Mind

I can feel the transformation. It feels so amazing.
It is a confirmation. Of where I’m heading.
As I look at the previous formation. I see that I’m growing.
This is the revelation. I am writing…

I think back and forth and I recreate the scenario. I get into the scene and I put pen to paper. The foundation is laid and the buildup begins…

…he was out there alone and he got time to think. He got to look at his actions and the reactions thereafter. He saw his contributions to the world; the vibes that he spread. The positivity, the negativity, the love, hate… all resultant effects of his actions. He was particularly disturbed by the negativity that ensued at times but as long as he knew what he truly wanted to portray, he was relieved…

I try my best and I hope you can get the message right. However, if you don’t I don’t know who is to blame but it can’t be me. I can be misunderstood…

It is now almost done. The plot is already out and the lessons are in there. I am now signing off; it has been an action and it is now time for the reactions…


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