The Stories

The Spur of the Moment

The action is highly unconscious. You’re just going; doing what comes to your mind. A lot is revealed in that moment. To others it might be sleazy but for you, you’re just doing it. You feel right and are yourself at that particular moment in time. We are who we are in the spur of the moment…
…he happened to be there and he also experienced others who were there. The blessings of the day were in abundance. There were a number of culprits. Everything they did was a notch higher. The shouting – the cheering – complaining…everything. They were young and energetic. He on the other hand went on to say something that maybe should not have been said. He realized his probable mistake and went back to study his actions…
You will end up doing things that you might not have done in normal circumstances. You will have been swept by the moment; a telling experience. It is very powerful and you will have to learn how to overcome it. It will either reveal who you are or who you are not…
The spur of the moment is here with us. There are many factors that influence it, and power belongs to the one who is in control at the time it strikes. What happens happens and you will have to remain positive to survive the sweep…


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