Reflections and Aspirations

Stop Thinking and Act

I thought about this and then I got down to it. The words that come up are as a result of my action rather than my thinking. I am now in the process and if I was still thinking this would not be happening. The thinking had to stop…

…when he stopped to think, more and more questions came up. They became road blocks which made the journey appear longer than usual. His arrival time was thus delayed as he kept wasting time along the way. He still had to get to his destination but the when was up to him…

You’re still there having a lot on your mind. You have options but you go on thinking. You remain in that situation with no results to show for it, until you decide to get out and do something about it. You have to stop thinking and act. The action though, cannot come up without thinking – think about it…

I am out there and I see people. Why is he dressed like that? Why is he walking like that? Why is she doing that? The thinking is on and so I start judging them; discrimination ensues.
An opportunity knocks at your door but you stop to think and you start questioning your abilities. You take too long to answer and you end up missing it.
I see your property and I start thinking of how it can help me, I end up stealing.

The line between thinking and action is very thin; you will have to tread carefully. Thinking is the problem and it has to stop…


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