The Stories

Who’s This?

He’s taken over and I’m left thinking about him. His expectations are not his expectations. His thoughts have become his actions. He has left him behind and he’s now being aligned, slowly by slowly… Who’s this that’s walking around? Who’s this that they see- and are we together?
His eyes were being opened and he could now see. The realization triggers the journey. He had to set out to look for himself; to find the other one. He was funny, he was crazy, he was interesting and he was the best. He was all of that and they all wanted to know him. I also want the same…
I escape from time to time to keep away from the distractions. I find myself with him though only for a short while. I can feel him and he seems very alright. He actually is. They don’t get to see much of him and I hope I can encourage him to appear often. I thus seek a longer duration…
He is here with you. You look at him and you see him but you don’t see him. You might be listening to him and you might not but you will. He has been here all the while and so I ask again, Who is This?


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