The Stories

The Hidden Secret

I’m on a bumpy road and it’s a rough ride. I move knowing that I could get hit at any time; exposed in a way. The frequency of events is increasing – they are coming for me. I’ve been able to handle it thus far but for how long can I hold on…

…he was staying alert, always looking over his shoulder. The thrill was exciting or maybe even seductive though he also shivered at times. This was as a result of the various outcomes that were at play in his mind. At any moment any action could occur, and he tried to stay ready. His reactions were revelations. He was setting himself apart…

They came close but were still far away. How was I doing this? Somewhere at the far end there was a smile but closer I was still afraid. The further we go the closer it gets. I try to let it out but at the first strike it runs back inside. It had just peeped outside but that wasn’t enough. The second strike is now calling out…

The same feelings before the first strike are played again. I hear knocks at the door and they’re getting louder. It’s taken a hold of me and I need to get out. I try to move away from thinking as it prolongs the prison break. I’m still at it…

While I’m still there, they come back again and they are now edging closer. A little more and they might just figure it out. The questions come up but I still don’t budge. The act goes on. Too many were now getting involved and I had to beat them to the punch…

The time had come; I had had enough of its effects. I gathered up enough courage and finally, I LeT it out. I breathed a sigh of relief. That part was over. Its effects were now passed on to the others but they too should recover in due time. This is the power of the hidden secret. I had kept it for quite some time and maybe it would have been better if it wasn’t there in the first place – but then again, it led to this…


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