Reflections and Aspirations

About being Awake

I had to pause, and slowdown playback. I was recalling past events and I had to go fishing for the lessons. What I was seeing was both scary and amazing. It happened to be what I was made of. They were the challenges of who I was. There was no other way…
It was lonely, at times really lonely to be where he was. Having no one but himself he lived. He lived through the loneliness and it was quite hard at times. The opportunities that lied within were comforting to him. He had to be patient for in patience he was becoming stronger…
I have to keep on and wait for the day when these experiences will be a tale. A tale to tell that will bring inspiration, hope, belief and all sorts of other impacts. This is so that when I leave, I will have left my recorded activities on earth.
Cheers to the New Year that is upon us.


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