Really deep...

The Angels and him

I wander off and the other one takes control. He’s the one that surprises me. It’s a two in one affair.

…the angels are confusing him. They’re all so beautiful.
They’re all interesting to him. It’s becoming playful.
He thinks of her, and her too. The most airplay changes the outlook. She happened to bump in; becoming the focus and that was quite the switch. Just the other day the focus was on someone else. I hope you see the reason for his confusion.
He asks himself so many questions which end up creating all sorts of possibilities. He still knows nothing. This is the catalyst for the levels of attraction which seem to shift focus from now and then. The mind games are on and they add to the intrigues.
They appear before him. He goes on to mingle.
They’ve got to him. But he’s still single…

I was here again and I had to find answers this time round.
The angels will always be there, there will always be another one. The only thing at play is the circumstances. I love that they are around and the confusion is ever more exciting. I look at my life and I see interesting. I want myself so bad too and now I understand.


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