Really deep...

The Deep End

I was there, in too deep. I could feel the pressure weighing down on me. I was close to that point of losing it but the thought that something beautiful would result out of this place was peeping in. I had to dig in…
Those were the problems brought about by himself. That was the path he had chosen and the deserved problems. They all had their eyes on him. They were fighting in a non-existent battle. Why have they lost their focus? He was told he didn’t listen but he was listening to himself. Their actions were his fuel.
I am alone. I am pleased with what is happening. I can say I would like for it to be like this all the time but that’s not the case. I have to go through all that happens. I hear all of you and nothing can be further from the truth…
I don’t do things for me neither do I do them for you. You should also not do things for me or yourself but who am I? You are not me, I am not you. Don’t listen to everything I say, I know. This is the work and for this one it happened to be on that night. I was emerging…
Asiyesikia la mkuu huvunjika guu. Kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa upishi. What is all of these?


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