Really deep...

What You Give is What You Get

For all the positive energy that you share, you will receive an equal amount of negative energy. The more the good, the more the bad. The more the right, the more the wrong. It is the price you will have to pay. It is a choice you will have to make.
You will have to remain true no matter the consequences. It is not about you neither is it about them. You will just have to play your role; take the passenger’s seat and put your seatbelt on…
The negative energy will hit you hard right at the core. It is capable of turning you into a wrecking ball as it will always keep coming. It will never be too far away. This energy needs to be tapped so keep watch…
The ever adored positive energy will also appear at times. You will be amazed by it. It will throw everything else out of the window and leave happiness. You will only look at the possibilities. This energy needs to be tapped as well…
Both of these energies are of high value and the hidden treasures in them need to be unlocked. The negative energy will present sadness, despair, disbelief and other feelings that seem to destroy. The positive energy will present happiness, hope, faith and other feelings that seem to build. In the middle of all of those will come growth, experience and wisdom. Your problems are your own creation. You are responsible for your actions.


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