NORA EN PURE to perform in Diani, Kenya on N.Y.E


South African born Daniela Niederer better known as Nora En Pure will be the headliner for this year’s 6:AM event ‘BEACHLIFE NYE 2016’ going down at Hotel Sonrisa in Diani, Kenya.

The Swiss based dj/producer will descend on Kenyan soil at the end of the year for what promises to be an amazing performance for Indie dance and Deep house music lovers. Known for her love of nature and the use of organic elements like water flowing which she incorporates in her music, the venue of the event will definitely complement her musical style as it offers relaxing sounds of palms and the Indian Ocean together with beautiful views of the ocean’s sparkling turquoise waters.


Poolside at Hotel Sonrisa

Nora En Pure’s outstanding talent has gained her a loyal following from across the globe. Her remix for Daniel Portman’s Kwaheri in 2010 launched her career as a producer. In 2013 she released the highly successful ‘Come With Me’ which went on to spend 7 months in the Beatport Top 100 and is one of the most sold tracks in Beatport. The track ‘Higher in The Sun’ is my personal favorite as it arouses thoughts of culture and heritage bringing Africa into focus. I can say without a doubt in my mind that the track will feature in her set.
Those of you that attend the event will be in for a treat to infectious, melodic and uplifting sounds that will keep you on your feet, dancing all through Nora’s musical journey. This is not to mention the local talent that will be on hand to deliver as well. This will be the perfect setting to say goodbye to 2015 and welcome, to 2016. Karibu Kenya Nora En Pure.
Get more info. on the event & tickets here


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