Really deep...

The Goings On

The events that are unfolding signal that he should be running. He’s still around and he’s already looking at running though somehow it’s not happened yet. This is quite the opportunity for him; the mixed feelings are a gold mine. He sits back and watches it as it unfolds.
The various outcomes are at play in his mind and he is eager for either one of them. The sense of not being afraid is comforting to him. Stuck at the back of his mind is the possibility of an outcome out of the blue. This makes it even more interesting.
On that particular night he cracked. The floodgates were opened and the water took its toll. He was stopped right on his tracks before he could go any further. The little opening had caused great suffering and presented an opportunity for the other gates to be opened. It was getting intense but this too was stopped. The raging waters started subsiding. It was time to think of what had been said…
He thought he was brutally honest. The truth hurts as they say. He saw the need to maybe tone down on what he had been telling himself when it came to telling it to others. He was happy with himself though. He was seeing results…
We went deep into the mines to try and find every retrievable piece of information. This was the process. It is all about learning.


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