Really deep...

The Angels and him

I wander off and the other one takes control. He’s the one that surprises me. It’s a two in one affair.

…the angels are confusing him. They’re all so beautiful.
They’re all interesting to him. It’s becoming playful.
He thinks of her, and her too. The most airplay changes the outlook. She happened to bump in; becoming the focus and that was quite the switch. Just the other day the focus was on someone else. I hope you see the reason for his confusion.
He asks himself so many questions which end up creating all sorts of possibilities. He still knows nothing. This is the catalyst for the levels of attraction which seem to shift focus from now and then. The mind games are on and they add to the intrigues.
They appear before him. He goes on to mingle.
They’ve got to him. But he’s still single…

I was here again and I had to find answers this time round.
The angels will always be there, there will always be another one. The only thing at play is the circumstances. I love that they are around and the confusion is ever more exciting. I look at my life and I see interesting. I want myself so bad too and now I understand.

Really deep...

The Deep End

I was there, in too deep. I could feel the pressure weighing down on me. I was close to that point of losing it but the thought that something beautiful would result out of this place was peeping in. I had to dig in…
Those were the problems brought about by himself. That was the path he had chosen and the deserved problems. They all had their eyes on him. They were fighting in a non-existent battle. Why have they lost their focus? He was told he didn’t listen but he was listening to himself. Their actions were his fuel.
I am alone. I am pleased with what is happening. I can say I would like for it to be like this all the time but that’s not the case. I have to go through all that happens. I hear all of you and nothing can be further from the truth…
I don’t do things for me neither do I do them for you. You should also not do things for me or yourself but who am I? You are not me, I am not you. Don’t listen to everything I say, I know. This is the work and for this one it happened to be on that night. I was emerging…
Asiyesikia la mkuu huvunjika guu. Kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa upishi. What is all of these?

Really deep...

What You Give is What You Get

For all the positive energy that you share, you will receive an equal amount of negative energy. The more the good, the more the bad. The more the right, the more the wrong. It is the price you will have to pay. It is a choice you will have to make.
You will have to remain true no matter the consequences. It is not about you neither is it about them. You will just have to play your role; take the passenger’s seat and put your seatbelt on…
The negative energy will hit you hard right at the core. It is capable of turning you into a wrecking ball as it will always keep coming. It will never be too far away. This energy needs to be tapped so keep watch…
The ever adored positive energy will also appear at times. You will be amazed by it. It will throw everything else out of the window and leave happiness. You will only look at the possibilities. This energy needs to be tapped as well…
Both of these energies are of high value and the hidden treasures in them need to be unlocked. The negative energy will present sadness, despair, disbelief and other feelings that seem to destroy. The positive energy will present happiness, hope, faith and other feelings that seem to build. In the middle of all of those will come growth, experience and wisdom. Your problems are your own creation. You are responsible for your actions.

Reflections and Aspirations

Love is the Missing Ingredient for Kenya

Kenya! A small and beautiful country that is full of potential. It is my country and I am a proud citizen. I watch as the country continues growing; the enormous challenges that it is facing right now are an indication of the bigger country that it is. Recently there’s been a lot of noise about corruption but I believe that if we all loved our country we wouldn’t hear of such levels of corruption. Love is the missing ingredient for Kenya.

Why should you love your country?
First of all you are a citizen and this means that you have the right to freedom of movement, right to acquire and own property, right to vote and many more rights and freedoms. The country has already gifted you with so much as you can see.
We cannot expect other people to love our country when we ourselves don’t love her. We must appreciate what we have first and promote it so that others might be interested as well. Love the country first.

What would love actually do?
Through loving our country we would be at the forefront to ensure that it thrives. This would translate to loving your fellow citizens and thus establish peace. You would be hurt to see your fellow citizens suffering and you would try as much to help them. You would not look down upon them but rather see yourselves as one people for the nation.
Love would make us care for our environment. You would not pollute the environment that you live in knowing very well that such a small action as littering could in a few years make the country inhabitable. Let us leave the country in a better condition for the next generation.
The problems that we continue facing would not dampen our resolve to work hard as they will be an opportunity for us to learn how to do things in a better way.

Do your actions lead to the growth or downfall of the country?
I once witnessed an incident where a mother ended up punishing her daughter because she had gone to meet a boy. I ask myself, when you punish such a girl and tell her of how boys are “bad”, what exactly are you communicating to her? You will still be the first to complain when she ends up being attracted to the same sex. You will then complain against the country saying it’s losing its moral value. Act with love please.
The other day the headlines were about underage kids being caught drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana and all that ‘evil’ stuff. With growth comes greater responsibility. Do we want to pretend that by the time we get to vision 2030 we won’t be complaining of the same thing? The only difference will be that the subject will be cocaine and other substances. Instead of taking measures to prevent what you don’t want you continue passing blame to others. You condemn the kids but you do nothing. Act with love please.
Why would you steal public money which is meant to develop the country? How can you be happy when some places in your own country are seriously underdeveloped and the residents there lack basic amenities? Take pride in your country and you wouldn’t like it at all when it is associated with failure.
I don’t know why you would kill that animal to make money. How will that money help you if you destroy the economy of the country? Act with love please.

I could go on and on with various injustices but this space would not allow me to. Look at your actions and their contribution. Love is the solution. It would help us make the right choices. The right choices would affect the country positively. The country would prosper. Let us always act with love and see the bigger picture. Fill Kenya with love. God bless you. God bless Kenya.


NORA EN PURE to perform in Diani, Kenya on N.Y.E


South African born Daniela Niederer better known as Nora En Pure will be the headliner for this year’s 6:AM event ‘BEACHLIFE NYE 2016’ going down at Hotel Sonrisa in Diani, Kenya.

The Swiss based dj/producer will descend on Kenyan soil at the end of the year for what promises to be an amazing performance for Indie dance and Deep house music lovers. Known for her love of nature and the use of organic elements like water flowing which she incorporates in her music, the venue of the event will definitely complement her musical style as it offers relaxing sounds of palms and the Indian Ocean together with beautiful views of the ocean’s sparkling turquoise waters.


Poolside at Hotel Sonrisa

Nora En Pure’s outstanding talent has gained her a loyal following from across the globe. Her remix for Daniel Portman’s Kwaheri in 2010 launched her career as a producer. In 2013 she released the highly successful ‘Come With Me’ which went on to spend 7 months in the Beatport Top 100 and is one of the most sold tracks in Beatport. The track ‘Higher in The Sun’ is my personal favorite as it arouses thoughts of culture and heritage bringing Africa into focus. I can say without a doubt in my mind that the track will feature in her set.
Those of you that attend the event will be in for a treat to infectious, melodic and uplifting sounds that will keep you on your feet, dancing all through Nora’s musical journey. This is not to mention the local talent that will be on hand to deliver as well. This will be the perfect setting to say goodbye to 2015 and welcome, to 2016. Karibu Kenya Nora En Pure.
Get more info. on the event & tickets here

Really deep...

The Goings On

The events that are unfolding signal that he should be running. He’s still around and he’s already looking at running though somehow it’s not happened yet. This is quite the opportunity for him; the mixed feelings are a gold mine. He sits back and watches it as it unfolds.
The various outcomes are at play in his mind and he is eager for either one of them. The sense of not being afraid is comforting to him. Stuck at the back of his mind is the possibility of an outcome out of the blue. This makes it even more interesting.
On that particular night he cracked. The floodgates were opened and the water took its toll. He was stopped right on his tracks before he could go any further. The little opening had caused great suffering and presented an opportunity for the other gates to be opened. It was getting intense but this too was stopped. The raging waters started subsiding. It was time to think of what had been said…
He thought he was brutally honest. The truth hurts as they say. He saw the need to maybe tone down on what he had been telling himself when it came to telling it to others. He was happy with himself though. He was seeing results…
We went deep into the mines to try and find every retrievable piece of information. This was the process. It is all about learning.