Really deep...

The Resultant Effect

It is the price of knowing. The challenges will have to match up. It breeds anger which can then lead to judgment. Escape becomes the only way at times but the thought continues bearing fruit. We remain on the positive side and that’s why we keep on doing it again and again…
…this happened to be the only way to stop him from going where he was headed to. Stopping was the better option. He was able to breathe a sigh of relief; the battles of now and then. He felt happy to have prevailed. He was back…
The evaluation process was on. Actions were recalled, questions and answers were the in-thing. The revelation came in bits and pieces.
They are all good and no one among them is special. They all have their role and they should all be considered. They are enablers and are thus as important. I’m learning so much from them, I hope they’re learning as much from me…


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