Really deep...

Knowing Yourself

“Be yourself” This is said every once in a while. What does it actually mean? What is being yourself?
You have to know yourself to be yourself. Knowing yourself is realizing that you are a human being. This essentially means that we are not perfect. We will always do something that other human beings will perceive as wrong but basically we’re just being who we are. That is what is called being human. By knowing this, no one can come and tell you who you are.
You will not be afraid. You will not need anyone’s affirmation. You will not need their definitions. You will be knowing already.
…his only worry was what it would do to them. They would be hurt. His reaction would be a thorn to their pain. The thought weighs heavy down on him. He is ready for any outcome. He knows himself. He tries his best…
Being yourself is being who you are. Stand up for yourself. Your actions are your actions. Let them create the content. Continue moving…


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