Really deep...

The Sound of the Day. The Activities of the Day

The Sound of the Day
I’m here sitting and listening. The birds are singing. There are noises of cars passing by. There’s the noise from the television. I hear quite a number of sounds, both man-made and natural. I hear voices and footsteps. It goes on and on. This is my surrounding. These are the day activities.
A lot is happening. Each and everyone is doing something; taking part in some kind of activity. Only the great can see all that happens. It’s surely an exceptional view. Whatever you do, let it be fruitful. Ease up on that pressure and live…
His dreams are really big; he finds it difficult to explain. He’d rather be doing something than just talk. As long as he sees what he sees, it’s all that matters. He hears all comments but his focus doesn’t change. He is here to play his part.
The lessons are to be on a wide range. It is bigger than me. It becomes funny at times, the interesting life this is. I try to keep the negativity as far as possible. I’m walking on a tight rope…
Do I say I’m in a quiet place while all this is around me…? It’s all happening during the sound of the day.
The Activities of the Day
As the day prepares to leave, I join in the journey. I look at what has been done through the day, I am happy. Another day in the life, a different story, another piece to the puzzle. The importance of the day…
I see the night at a distance, another experience awaits. It all happens as time goes by. It still goes on. I look forward to another day for a different kind of experience. A better me…
The birds are flying and chirping; the planes are high above and flying too. I hear voices from fellow humans and their creations. The sun is setting; my air is crystal and my view too.
As the day says its final goodbyes, I prepare to leave. I am grateful for the day. I have experienced and learned. I am one day older…


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