Really deep...

Give Me the Chance to Fail

I was pushing, this is the result.
I’m now writing, it’s been a stretch.
I keep flowing, overcoming the limit.
Questions keep coming, I try to fetch.
I’m reasoning, it’s quite the fight.
It’s by knowing failure is a possibility that we keep trying. Nothing is impossible cuts both ways. Success is also a possibility. It goes back to deciding which side to focus on.
Why should you try to keep me from experiencing this life? Let me experience and learn what I need to learn. What you learnt from your experience does not apply to me. Let me learn in my own way. Focus on your role…
We are not in control. We don’t decide what happens. We need to look at what we ourselves have done. We need to know who we are here to serve. We are not here to please anyone else…
Who are you?
What are you?
Who is your creator?
Who should you look up to?
Who do you listen to?
Who should you follow?
Who should you serve?
Everything else follows…The title will have to change…


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