An Idea to help prevent the loss/theft of devices such as phones, tablets, ipads and laptops

My idea involves a wearable device we can call “x”
Functioning of “x”
• When “x” is switched on, its Bluetooth will also be turned on and will thus be able to connect with the device it is protecting (must be Bluetooth enabled)
• Once they have connected, “x” should be able to calculate the distance between it and the device it is protecting. That distance will then act as the radius of the protected area such that when the device being protected moves out of that area, “x” will sound an alarm.

Illustration The idea

NB: Most people for example lose phones or have them stolen by either being pick pocketed or leaving it somewhere where it ends up in someone else’s hands. When “x” sounds the alarm it will alert you and the loss/theft of the phone can be prevented.
• When “x” sounds the alarm, it should automatically lock the device it is protecting. Unblocking the device will require the user to input a secret pin on the device and another secret pin (which can be different) on “x’

Further Development
– It should be possible to get the location of the device being protected from “x”
“x” should be able to connect with several devices and thus be able to protect a number of devices at the same time.


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