Really deep...

His First and Last Challenge

He is in his world. His world is not meant for him. He’s being prepared for what should be his. He just needs to stop for a minute and realize it. He cannot back down. He is strong enough. He has to prove himself…
He has to do it before he is taken away, or be trying to. He is aware justification is not tolerated as it reeks of failure. He cannot take that path; it’s a sorry state.
He had to shut his ears before he lost his mind. He had to look inside and see. He was eager to learn. He had to learn from his true guide and other servants. He became interesting to himself. He was progressing…
He had to run. He has to keep running. They are all after him. If he stays, he will engage. That will not be pleasing. He can’t blame them as he would also want to be around himself. He cannot afford to stop.
He is his own problem. His effects he has to live with. The challenges have to match up. They are a confirmation of where he is and where he is going. He asks for strength to continue. Tomorrow is enticing…


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