Really deep...

The Questions that trigger Judging and Other Things

Why do they think about me? They should think about themselves.
What do they want to hear from me? I can’t help you justify your actions, it is not my role.
Why you so quiet? Do I ask you, why you so loud? Why are you trying to get into my life? Worry about yourself.

They want you to be in a certain way. A way that is acceptable to them I guess. They think we’re here to compete and are thus eager to feel like they are above. Why are they losing themselves? The energy we feed off is comforting. We are thankful.
I try to stay away from thinking as it doesn’t end up the way I thought. Thinking still goes on. I think it means the functioning is okay. At least it prepares me for various outcomes.

I am thinking of her. This is a testament.
Does she think of me? That would be great.
I would love to see her. Her face was radiant.
The effect it had on me? I still try to find out.
I can’t help the thinking. She’s the subject.

She found a place in my thoughts. To see her would be amazing.
Yes, I’ve thought about it. I hope she has too.
Seeing her would be interesting. It’s enticing.

She inspires thought. I love thinking.
I love this effect on me. It can take its toll at times.
The attraction levels continue rising. It’s the result.

Is she reading this? What is on her mind?
Is he talking about me? She asks herself.
I hope she’s smiling or laughing at the moment.
I’m enjoying this for sure.
This is nothing you know.

I am pushed to think of other scenarios. I try to compare them with this current situation. That is limitation already. Past experiences can be a barrier or a catapult to greatness. I choose to believe.


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