Really deep...

Interaction with The Self

Talking with yourself is very ok. It’s really interesting, it should be. It doesn’t have to be out loud though it really doesn’t matter. I think it’s a way of loving and appreciating yourself. I mean you’re there arguing, trying to prove something, asking questions, finding answers…all by yourself. It’s amazing. That interaction is special. It tells a lot…
They are just content creators. They provide company. They bring the difference. They provide a wider view. They help keep us in line. They help us see. They help us create. They are just as important.
Seek your time. Be alone. Understand what has been going on, what goes on and what should be going on. The self knows it…
They have created barriers. It is now a privilege. Many are afraid or have been made afraid of the self. CONTROL is perhaps the most powerful word. It is everywhere; especially where it matters most. They are quite something.
It is from they to you. You have the power. Talk with yourself. Continue talking with yourself. It is very right. We would love to hear that conversation…


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