Really deep...

Getting Lost is Losing

It is about forgetting who you are. What you become I don’t even know. Basically, you’re walking dead. Other people are just there thinking for you. You’re driven by them. You strive to get their acknowledgement. They’ve set their own so called standards and your aim is to measure up to them. Their laws you now follow. Who are they? Really…
Stop killing yourself. It is what happens when your focus is on the wrong side. You can go in so deep that you won’t even know what’s happening. Buried alive in some sense. It can take quite a long time or even a lifetime to get out of this. Being lost is losing. Losing is the PROBLEM. Find yourself…
Turn your focus. Turn it where it should be. Look at everything that has happened. Go as far back as possible. See what you were. See what you should be. Learn as much as possible. Do what is necessary to be yourself. Present yourself and bring forth greatness. Live happy…
We should create room for independence. Our role is not to dictate what is right or wrong. Be the best you can be. Winning or losing is your choice. It is up to you.


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