The Journey

The Struggle For Independence

Enjoy this first…

It is brought into it. It has to come through a medium. A process that starts some time back. Two mediums are now involved. It ends up being one. It is what it is, itself. Just for some time. The process of being defined then follows.
The definitions start getting to it. They become its guide. It is being controlled. At times it comes out, its acts are seen, acts that represent it. Though this only happens once in a while. Does this hinder its development?
This question comes up at the point of knowledge. It looks back at its journey and it’s able to learn. It sees so much more that can happen; what it would actually entail. This makes it look as if nothing has happened yet. It gets worried at times. That other side is too wicked. It would be disastrous.
Is it supposed to be alone? Why is it surrounded? Is this having an effect on it? It is the problem and it knows it. These others that surround it are always affecting it; always taking it in a particular direction. They’re trying to play the role of the creator.
When will it realize it? When will it see? That it has always been directed. Its will thrown away possibly never to be recovered. What will it have done at the end? Why was it created?
This thing is made for its universe. It can survive on its own. It is not special. Its creator is the only one who truly knows it. It is here to serve its creator. The creator watches it as it grows and for sure would love to see the creation thrive.
It now knows it needs to look at itself. It can only look to the creator. All this other things out there will never end. It can never listen. It needs to follow itself. It is getting free…


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