Really deep...


Wow. So much is demanded. It can get you doomed. The view is elevated. It gets you noticed. It makes them worried. They feel intimidated. They’ll just get you tarnished so that they get recognized. I just don’t understand but anyway it’s been determined. They help make us learned.
Looking around there was no one. He had to understand he was himself. That’s how he figured, no one was like him. This made him lonely. He was always looking for his kind. This proved to be quite a long journey. Compromise was the only way at times. The way of the universe it seemed. He journeyed on…
The people will keep talking. They’ll be dragging you behind for their own fulfillment. It’s a sense of entitlement. It’s the world we live in. It’s only you. It’s up to you. Know yourself. Be yourself. It’s the only sure way. The key to happiness is making God happy.
…his journey continues. He sees how the future would look like. That’s the potential. His struggles right now, they prepare him. They help him grow. It’s the life that is his. No one else can survive his life. There are moments that are and will be truly amazing; though it will never end until the last day…


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