Really deep...

The Climb from Below

It’s quite a feeling. There’s just no term to explain it. Is it pretending? Is it acting? Being Cheeky?… Whatever it is, it’s done so well. You should really mind your own business before you get lost. It’s just a way of trying to adapt. Just trying to keep calm. It’s the only way we can stay put. Do not ride on what others do.
What you do is what you do. You’ve done so continue doing. What you pick up improves on the doing. I’m not the same person you met yesterday. This is what helps in dealing with others. They can get there, can’t they? It’s a world of entertainment. Look around…
Listen and sieve. Take in what is essential and Build up. There are some interesting things being said. It’s a way of the universe confirming that it’s possible. This should comfort and motivate you. Keep moving…
It was going to happen. There’s a reason and you know it. It’s turning out to be an interesting story and I can’t lie, I’m loving it. Let’s see how it unfolds…(This has been an after effect)


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