Really deep...

I Want This Bird

Get in the mood
There’s a bird on my mind. I’m always thinking of it every other day. It flies away but my thoughts, they just get deeper. It drives me crazy. Frankly, it’s a contest…just trying to fight with it. At times I lose, at times I win though it feels quite good to win; but I still think of this bird nonetheless.
I think it’s an amazing bird. It’s beautiful. Its eyes just called me when I saw it the first time. It’s really special. The timing was perfect as always. All that is happening is my kind of thing. I want to be around this bird every other time. I feel this bird has something for me and I have something for it. It’s beyond us…
Is this bird thinking as I am? I wonder…Then again this feeling I’m having can’t be a waste. There is something here. This bird has surely got to me, without even doing much. I like this bird. I love this bird. This bird has got me thinking… The line of thought amazes me. That’s why I pursue the bird.
In the line of pursuit, the bird makes some promises. I pray it doesn’t let me down. I know this would affect me but I would still prevail. I will just have to move and sadly it will become just another bird. This particular bird has been interesting and different. Will this bird join me on the flight? Will it take me higher?
To be continued…


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