Really deep...

It’s Up To You

I sit up. I hold it and I start moving it. It is the process. This is part of the end result. Writing it is.
For me it just happens and to be asked what it is that I write about becomes a difficult question to answer. I just write. It is what is captured and understood in the writing that matters. There are good things in there. To learn is to enhance…
No one needs to teach you about being. It is something you have and should utilize. Escape from all these distractions and gain understanding. Unshackle all those chains and be free. The other creatures do it well. You’re above… do be.
Yes we do need you, to at times bring us back. That’s why the standards have to be quite high. It involves quite a challenging process but we remain true, aware of the journey and what lies ahead. You just need to show it and it can happen. Exist or don’t exist…
Do not ask me what will happen tomorrow because I don’t know. What I know, is what I want now and I know I’ll still know if I’ll be alive tomorrow…


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