Reflections and Aspirations

The Train Left The Station

It’s an unconscious action. It just happens and you realize after it strikes. We are not in control. We are just pawns. It’s the direction which you choose to take that matters. It’s what makes the difference.
A lot of factors are considered for you to belong to either side though you must know that, there is only one good side. It is the side that I belong to and its experience is quite amazing.
We stand out from the rest, as they say. It’s true. Our view is quite exceptional. All we realized is the power within. It is what we manifest and is felt by others.
They’re some that truly notice it but I wonder what does it actually mean; because at times it’s all that it is. What do you do? What are you supposed to do? We continue seeking to learn.
We have to prevail and move on. We cannot afford to be held back. We know there is something greater and that is what we keep going for. If they catch up, well and good. It will be amazing.
We might wiggle along the way but we never leave the tracks. We cannot be stopped. Anything that is on our way will be crashed. Our destination is where we stop.


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