Reflections and Aspirations

I’m Not Around

The light is visible. It is what makes us who we are. At times we stop to think, are we going too far? No, it’s the greatness within. This are just challenges of the state. To conquer them is being in the state. This is our real strength. They’re forces from outside which then lead to our own doubts but we still prevail. You know about that patience.
It’s hard to deal with us and I agree with the rest. It’s all on us. Something I mentioned earlier fits here. We act with love. Losing is just not comfortable for us. We know it’s all possible.
When it happens, it’s an amazing feeling. It confirms what we knew and felt. We look at that possibility and that’s what keeps us going. We do try to bring others in but I guess not everyone fits in; so we just continue. We stay strong. Continue with your journey. Continue exploring. Continue discovering. Continue creating and do share.
We pray to God it all happens.


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