Reflections and Aspirations

The Purpose Of…

I have now realized how this platform was to affect my life. It was in a state of reflection that I was able to fathom it all. It has helped me see the bigger picture and my potential. I look at the first man and I tell myself “You have it all” They call it change, I call it realization. To change is to fail…
I hope it can influence you in one way or the other as everyone has their own path. All that you do has meaning. Learn from your actions. Learn from yourself. What others do is a different perspective; it adds variety. Always trying to awaken the person. Being is the point…
From now on, my posts will be as random as they come. The journey continues…
Enjoy the vibes of this track

Really deep...

It’s Up To You

I sit up. I hold it and I start moving it. It is the process. This is part of the end result. Writing it is.
For me it just happens and to be asked what it is that I write about becomes a difficult question to answer. I just write. It is what is captured and understood in the writing that matters. There are good things in there. To learn is to enhance…
No one needs to teach you about being. It is something you have and should utilize. Escape from all these distractions and gain understanding. Unshackle all those chains and be free. The other creatures do it well. You’re above… do be.
Yes we do need you, to at times bring us back. That’s why the standards have to be quite high. It involves quite a challenging process but we remain true, aware of the journey and what lies ahead. You just need to show it and it can happen. Exist or don’t exist…
Do not ask me what will happen tomorrow because I don’t know. What I know, is what I want now and I know I’ll still know if I’ll be alive tomorrow…

Reflections and Aspirations

The Train Left The Station

It’s an unconscious action. It just happens and you realize after it strikes. We are not in control. We are just pawns. It’s the direction which you choose to take that matters. It’s what makes the difference.
A lot of factors are considered for you to belong to either side though you must know that, there is only one good side. It is the side that I belong to and its experience is quite amazing.
We stand out from the rest, as they say. It’s true. Our view is quite exceptional. All we realized is the power within. It is what we manifest and is felt by others.
They’re some that truly notice it but I wonder what does it actually mean; because at times it’s all that it is. What do you do? What are you supposed to do? We continue seeking to learn.
We have to prevail and move on. We cannot afford to be held back. We know there is something greater and that is what we keep going for. If they catch up, well and good. It will be amazing.
We might wiggle along the way but we never leave the tracks. We cannot be stopped. Anything that is on our way will be crashed. Our destination is where we stop.

Reflections and Aspirations

I’m Not Around

The light is visible. It is what makes us who we are. At times we stop to think, are we going too far? No, it’s the greatness within. This are just challenges of the state. To conquer them is being in the state. This is our real strength. They’re forces from outside which then lead to our own doubts but we still prevail. You know about that patience.
It’s hard to deal with us and I agree with the rest. It’s all on us. Something I mentioned earlier fits here. We act with love. Losing is just not comfortable for us. We know it’s all possible.
When it happens, it’s an amazing feeling. It confirms what we knew and felt. We look at that possibility and that’s what keeps us going. We do try to bring others in but I guess not everyone fits in; so we just continue. We stay strong. Continue with your journey. Continue exploring. Continue discovering. Continue creating and do share.
We pray to God it all happens.