Back to The Fans

Everyone is truly a part of art. It can’t thrive without its different driving forces. You are one of the forces. You work together with the artists and other forces to create what is Art.
As a fan, you are supposed to be truly into the art. You need to demand for great art. What is to demand? This is expecting the best, knowing what the best is and being able to figure it out. Have that pure ear, pure eye, pure tongue, pure hand, pure nose… and select.
If something is not good, it’s not good. Provide that positive criticism and let the errors be fixed. Art is a collective creation. We are all involved in its birth and end result. Push the artists to fully tap into their potential. Make them entertain you.
Let us all have fun. Let us be immersed in the world of art together. Let us all be happy. Let us enjoy our lives here on earth.
Be Among. Be True. Be involved. Be a part of the driving force!


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