Really deep...

Those Birds that Fly

Three birds in the air. Four birds in the air. Then two birds in the air…They were birds. They were just flying. They flew from here to there. They were free. They were themselves; just as they were created. They are always there to welcome the day and welcome the night. Creating beautiful sounds while at it. They create quite the feeling. They show what it truly is to be yourself and the potential entailed therein.
Let us be like the birds and take flight. Let us work together to create uniqueness. Let us be happy. Let us be synchronized. Let us be one. Let us be in tune. Let us move. Let us live. Let us steal the show!
We will not limit ourselves. We are powerful beyond measure. We have dominion. We are human beings. We will Be. We will achieve our potential.
All come together. They communicate. They plan and they choose a destination. They organize and when they’re ready, they take off. They disappear from our view…


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